Inter - Club Trophies



Prebbleton vs Waihora

The Hoff Shield is played for between Prebbleton and Waihora, and was presented in 1952 by Harry and May Hoff, who lived in Station Road, Prebbleton.  (Station Road is now renamed Tosswill Road).  They put the shield forward because they had one son (Carol) playing for Prebbleton and another one (Lou) playing for Waihora.

In the early days of the Shield, Harry used to kick off each game, and a bottle of gin or rum (or both) was consumed at half time by both teams.  

Descendants of the Hoff family who have played for Prebbleton over the years are Murray Corbett, Lou's two sons Terry and Don Hoff, Ray Houghton and his three sons Robbie, Brent and Ross, along with Ross' son Ben.  Robbie and Brent has also played for Waihora.