Prebbleton Rugby Football Club

The Prebbleton Rugby Football Club was formed in 1919 by the local school headmaster A.F. McMurtrie and local resident Herb Prebble.  They played their first season under the Prebbleton-Halswell banner in the Ellesmere Competition.

In 1920 the club could not field a 1st Grade Team so ended up playing 3rd grade in the Christchurch Competition. The CRFU complained to the club as the colours were the same as Sydenham (blue and red hoops).

1925 saw a dispute between Prebbleton and Halswell administrators that had all of the Prebbleton players pulling out of the team. For the next 5 years the club did not enter a team.

In 1931 some friendly games were played in red and white hoops. This led to reviving a team in 1932 playing in the Christchurch Competition again. The club played in town until 1935, with teams in 4th Grade and also some under age teams.

1936 was the start of a new era in Prebbleton Rugby with the inclusion of a team in the Ellesmere Competition again (The royal blue jersey was born). Within four years the club won the 1st Grade for the first time. During the next 30 years the club had a lot of success in the 7 a side competition but could not win any of the silverware for the main 15-A-Side Competition.

The 50s and 60s saw a lot of the club stalwarts start playing at Prebbleton. These guys set the foundations of the club culture and had a hand in building the facilities we are now are very lucky to have today. A lot of these stalwarts were fortunate enough to win the 1st Grade silverware in 1974.

For the next 10 years our top team played mainly in the Senior B Grade with some very good results. During the early 80’s the current clubrooms were constructed. 1985 saw the club back in the top grade and have been there ever since.

The early 90s saw the junior club grow steadily year by year. Over these years we had some very strong junior teams and won several JAB competitions.

We were lucky enough in 2010 to have the fields redeveloped into some of the best facilities you will find in Canterbury. With the help of the many volunteers, the grounds still look as good as they did when first redeveloped.

Prebbleton Rugby Club is a family orientated club and has been since the 1960’s when the foundations were layed by our club stalwarts that you will still see around the club now.


Once a dog racing track (now the #1 field), with a shed, no showers, 1 field & a 44 gallon drum with a fire to keep spectators & players warm.  Now there is a spectacluar clubrooms, hot showers, flood lights & plenty of playing fields.

The original Domain covered 2.9 ha & was vested to the Queen in 1880, having been purchased for 120 pounds from Edward Prebble. Edward had earlier purchased from John Norris Tosswill, who was granted the land by The Crown.

A second parcel of land to the South of the original reserve (2.0234 ha), was vested t The Queen, and later to Paparua County Council in 1978 & became a reserve for recreation purposes.  The third parcel of land to the West of the original reserve (6.4047 ha) was also added during 1978.

A meeting in 1892 of "people interested in the formation of a Lawn Tennis Club" was held in the Public Libary, Prebbleton and after some discussion The Prebbleton Lawn Tennis Club. A committee was formed to interview The Domain Board with regards to finding a ground.  

Rugby, cricket, tennis, cycles races on a cinder track, & dog racing were all held at the Domain.  Eugby league was played on the ground next to the Prebbleton Hotel, that was used for sports days from 1873.  This land is now occupied by Armadillos at The Bridge.

The Prebbleton Cricket Club was formed in 1978.  A loan from Prebbleton RFC for $230 was obtained to buy gear & the first game payed in October 1978.  The club changed from being the Prebbleton RFC Cricket Club, to Prebbleton Cricket Club when the Prebbleton Combined Sports and Recreation Body was formed in 1981.