Registration is now open for the 2022 rugby season & all registrations MUST be completed online.

1. Please complete your ONLINE REGISTRATION by clicking on the appropriate Registration Form Buttons located to the right on this page (U6 to U18 are located within the Junior Link).

2. Please ensure your subs are paid by either making a payment online, or by attending our Registration Day.

Saturday 19th February : 10.00am - 12.00pm

Player Subs for 2022 as follows:

     Seniors :                                     $200 (discount if paid by 1 June $160)

     Student (University/Polytech)  $160 (discount if paid by 1 June $130)

     Social                                          $20

     JAB (incl U18)                            $110 for one

                                             $60 for each additional child within a family/household group

     Should you wish to pay by direct credit please use the following details:

                                                        Westpac  :  03 - 0767 - 0353880 - 00

                                                        Reference : SURNAME (of ea party if more than1)

Junior Training Top:

All junior players that pay their sub by Wednesday 13th April will receive a PRFC training top. For subs paid after this date, training tops can be purchased through our supplier.

Socks and Shorts:

These will need to be ordered through our supplier portal  Please note there is a five week lead time from ordering – do not leave this to the last minute.

​​​​​​​If you have any further enquiries you can contact the following:

Senior Club Captain                 Junior Club Captain:                 Secretary
Derek Todd                                 Andrea Parsonage                     Sarah Forster


COLTS (U21):     Born 2001, 2002 or 2003

U18:                    Born 2004 or 2005

U16:                   Born in 2006, or between 01.01.2007 and 30.06.2007

U14.5:                Born in 2008, or between 01.07.2007 and 31.12.2007

U13:                   Born in 2009

U12:                   Born in 2010

U11:                   Born in 2011

U10:                   Born in 2012

U9:                     Born in 2013

U8:                    Born in 2014

U7:                    Born in 2015

U6:                    Born in 2016 (Preferably school age)